The Lulus à la Mode Blog is excited to introduce our newest guest blogger: Shauna Ehninger. Navigating her lovely blog, Meowsk, you can find Shauna sporting an inspiring mix of peasant-style dresses, topped off with unique belts not to mention an array of adorable skirts paired with colorful and printed tights. Shauna has some great blog ideas regarding hair and fashion to share with Lulus fans. But first, this Salt Lake City native was ever so kind and let me interview her on fashion, life and what she covets most from!

Describe your style in regards to hair, makeup and, of course, clothes. Do you draw inspiration from any particular decade?
At the moment my style is quite feminine with touches of idiosyncrasy for a more modern aesthetic. As a interactive designer I find that graphical elements often find their way into my look. I keep things simple with my makeup and hair because fussing with those things too much will only lead to regret later in life. Since growing my hair out long, I let it air dry then run a flat iron through it later in the day. Partly to keep it healthy but mostly because I am too lazy to blow dry it. I prefer to use makeup subtly to accent my features rather than let it overpower my face. My clothing ranges from t-shirts to dresses and includes girly embellishments, tons of purple, tulle and vintage inspired pieces. I tend not to draw my inspiration from any particular decade but rather try to incorporate the timeless elements. Lately, I am hooked on dresses and am inspired by the iconic 50s full skirts and overall polished look. I sort of wish we all dressed up like that these days, instead I am constantly asked why I am dressed so fancy.

What are some wardrobe basics that you can’t live without?
Tights and a variety of cardigans are musts for the frigid Salt Lake winters. In the summer I cannot live without my flip-flops and cotton skirts.

What fashion trends have you see recently that you’ve been excited about?

While I am not the type of girl to follow every trend that comes around there are a few I am glad are gracing us with their presence. Tulle makes me happy and I am excited to see this fabric making a classy comeback with the likes of designers such as Rodarte. Country florals mixed with iconic western garb (cowboy boots, hats, etc) is something I have started to see popup here and there and quite enjoy. Tights – especially patterned ones have become quite popular lately which I love because it makes finding them so much easier.

What do you splurge on when it comes to completing your look?
Lately, I have been trying to make a conscious effort at frugality when it comes to my style related purchases. Making sure I really love something before I bring it home to make my closet that much more crowded and adding things to wish lists for holidays. This has also inspired be to be more creative with the pieces currently in my closet by coming up with multiple ways to wear   One thing I still splurge a bit on is skincare – I just can’t give up my Origins products. Healthy skin is essential though right?

 Do you have a favorite item on If so, how would you work it into an outfit?
My absolute favorite thing on that I have been coveting for months are the Jeffrey Campbell Pacific Teal Leather Double Ruffled Heels and the designer in me just couldn’t help but create an outfit for these shoes…

Outfit Details: Rose Raincoat by Nick and Mo, Dream a Little Dream Dress, Morgans Handbag in Mustard by Melie Bianco, Zad Oceania Bangle, and My Feathered Friend Necklace in Gold