Sheer fabrics are a fabulous option this spring for the lightweight and sensual appeal it gives to its adorners. This transparent look is very soft and feminine, proving that revealing more is an elegant and chic trend that we all must follow! Sheer fabrics are essential for every girl to own simply for the versatility it gives our wardrobes and the grace it adds to any outfit.  In order to get the elegant essence that is attached to this chic look, one must know how to properly wear sheer fabrics without looking too risqué.
Here are a few tips for pulling off this eye catching look:
1. Layer Properly: Layering sheers on top of one another can create a bold and fun statement that will surely be noticed. Also, try layering a simple cardigan, vest, or jacket over a sheer top in order to compliment the sheer fabric underneath.
2. Wear the right underwear: This is essential to not looking too risqué. Try wearing an opaque bra and panties that match your skin tone or to the rest of your outfit.  Remaining monochromatic adds to the romanticism of your outfit.  You can also wear a camisole underneath your sheer top, or try a bandeau top if you want to show off a little more skin.
3. Don’t wear sheer all over: Try to balance out the look with something conservative on the bottom such as a pencil skirt or high waisted shorts. If you overdo the sheer look, you might look like a curtain or tablecloth, so be cautious!
4. Keep your accessories understated: You want to keep the focus directed on the sheerness of your ensemble. Do not wear too much jewelry, wear neutral colored shoes, and carry a simple clutch. Remember that we want to keep this look classy and if you add too many accessories your outfit can be rather distracting to the naked eye.
Here are some perfect options from to get a head start on this soft and dreamy trend:
So go and get some sheer little numbers to add to your closet for this romantic and flirty look that is ideal for Valentine’s Day!