For New York Fashion Week, there are simply so many things to see! Fashion rules the roads, sidewalks and stores showing up in all shapes and forms.
This year jewelry designer Shayla Cox and stylist Pamela Shepard decided to team up to create a guerilla installation on the streets of New York. Using fashions from none other than to create a neutral-toned backdrop for Cox’s bold ceramic pieces, this dynamic duo was able to attract the attention of GQ Magazine in Gordon Steiner’s “The Wandering Eye: New York Fashion Week.”
What is a guerilla installation, you ask? Well, the purpose of guerilla art (also called street art) is to create what is usually a temporary work in a non-traditional space. Instead of the runway or a store window, these fine ladies decided to take to the streets where passersby could experience the unusual in an everyday location. Check out the video below!

“. . . Shayla Cox, is based in Brooklyn, NY. She is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology and has worked as a visual stylist for over 7 years. . . Her design theory fuses ancient artisanal elements with a modern sensibility. Ceramic jewelry was the perfect fit. For the past year she has thrown herself into the creative process working on her debut collection, experimenting and working mercilessly at her passion.”

See a couple more of earthy designs by Shayla Cox below.
“Pamela Shepard is a New York based commercial and editorial wardrobe stylist. As a published stylist, Pamela builds characters for various projects, creates space and atmosphere as a visual merchandiser, and offers educational exercises. . .” You can see some of Shepard’s retro-inspired work below.