I kiss you once I’ll kiss you twice
I kiss you once I’ll kiss you twice
I kiss you once I’ll kiss you twice
and I get the shivers cause you’re cold as ice

About a year ago, I was in search of a new fashion internship in New York. I found a position on a team of design student interns under the lead of designer Christian Hultquist, who creates outrageous costumes for Karen O, lead singer of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s and all-around rock star.

Christian is a long-time buddy of Karen’s and is known for creating Karen O’s look. As you see below, Karen O’s style is a mix of everything but the kitchen sink!

As one of the force of interns working to create these costumes, I did everything from hot glue a million studs on a leather jacket to sew a plastic aviator cap. One time we spent the week putting together a cape of cut out and studded hands.

The coolest part about being an intern is that you get to work under a genius that actually has her creations all over the media. You can really see what it’s like to have projects go from the drawing board to national news… and above all the hand cape was on stage at Lollapalooza!

Christian Hultquist used her newfound fame as a stylist and designer to create her own line of clothing, Christian Joy. This line is Karen O inspired but with its own totally Christian twist that is wearable, punky, and spunky.

At first glance, I didn’t consider dressing rock stars as such an intriguing and involved job. However, I have a new found respect for the amount of work Christian has put into this woman’s career and how much trust Karen has in her!