And now … drum roll … for our new pics and reports from an L.A. fashionista queen!

Our vintage collection on, as well as the latest blogs (including the Paper Magazine and Jiro Schneider ones) were inspired by Kristin Knauff. Kristin was the first ROP student to work at the Lulus Fashion Lounge boutique in Chico, California, and has been a long time friend and collaborator with!

After the first two blog posts with Kristin, it dawned on me to ask her directly for pics from her own star-studded life in Los Angeles! Above is a picture of Kristin herself (adorably dressed and accessorized, of course) with a DJ friend. Then below are pics of some trends she has been picking up on from a friend’s club in L.A.

First there are the bangles and layers of metallic jewelry. Then there are the boxy tees and tanks, both printed (like on the far left) or as a blank slate (like on the far right). Then there are the oversized glasses and red lipstick, which are also tons of fun.

We end with the riding-inspired, lace-up boots that you wear slightly unlaced and always with socks showing or scrunched!

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