Ever wonder what it’s like to be styled by not just one, but TWO brilliant designers?

Kylie Minogue is a seasoned diva who’s reached the stars and is now headed for the outerlying galaxies in her Aphrodite “Les Foiles” world tour this year. Clad head to toe in sparkling, feathered, shining, transparent, and golden numbers designed specially for her by Dolce & Gabbana themselves, Minogue is living out every little girl’s dream. 

Above, lounging about with the world renowned designers and flaunting her new oufit, as well as her lovely stems, this woman really knows how to shine!


It is this golden corset (above) that is the base of almost all of her outfits. What a great stylistic choice made by Dolce & Gabbanna for this tour. Without a doubt Kylie Minogue, has to change outfits many, many times throughout every set. This way, she just throws pieces over her gold corset for dramatic effect. See the video below for a behind the scenes of her fittings.

You can tell from the way she interacts with the costumes, that Kylie Minogue is a true performer, so at ease with her body and its movements.

Anyone going to see her perform for the Aphrodite “Les Foiles” tour?