If any of you have been keeping up with the recent additions to our site (accessories in particular), you might notice that we have developed a major feather obsession. Feathers seem to be everywhere this spring, adding a little bohemian flair to outfits found on hipsters, prepsters, hippies, and artists alike. I was going to claim that even I, traditionally not much of a bird lover, might soon be convinced to jump on this bandwagon, but it seems I have already been enchanted unawares; I realize, as I write this, that I am in fact wearing a red feather necklace. Hmmm…
So, for the rest of you who have already wisely embraced this free-spirited fashion, I have presented for you below some of my favorite Lulus picks.
Both of these tops are really fun because they’re comfy and loose and can pretty much be paired with any bottom or over any dress. The Brandy Melville top is a personal favorite simply for the cozy/chic factor.
If you love earrings, then Lulus is the place to go. There are seriously buckets and buckets of different styles of feather earrings in myriad colors and styles. Browse through our earring section and take your pick!
These two hair accessories are two of my absolute favorite feather items. Both Sienna and I were wearing this headband around the warehouse yesterday, somehow drawn to it for no explainable reason! Perhaps it appealed to our artistic spirits!
Are you all ready to weather the feathers now? What styles are your favorites?