It’s no secret that red is my favorite color, and I’m definitely proud to be an American, so you can understand why the Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays. (Plus, I’m strangely a huge sucker for potato salad, and there always seems to be an abundance of the stuff at celebratory barbecues.)
Another great thing about the Fourth of July is that it’s a holiday. Which means parties. Which means dressing up. Luckily, we just got in this super freakin’ cute dress yesterday, which I am totally wearing for this year’s shindigs.
The one thing to really keep in mind when dressing for the Fourth of July is not to go overboard; there are three colors to work with here, and if you try to wear them all at once with a bunch of different pieces, you’re going to end up looking like a walking flag. Which, I guess, is not bad if you’re in a parade, but otherwise, keep it to one or two colors. The point is to look fashionable, not frightening.
Another option to consider is playing with the various shades of blue and red; think coral, vermillion, turquoise, and teal. Or, add in a completely neutral color, like beige or brown, to balance the brights. Both of these ideas stick to the festive flavor, just with a twist. Take a look at these numbers:
Both of theses dresses are super cute, super easy to throw on for a barbecue, and super spirited! What more could you want? How about more options!? Check out some more options red, white, and/or blue dresses! Here are a couple of my other favs:
Now, the only exception to wearing all three colors at once is when it comes to jewelry, bags, and shoes. If you have a sweet pair of red, white, and blue shoes, then by all means, go ahead.  Flag earrings? Flaunt ’em! 
Here are some awesome accessory options from Lulus:
 Found some things you like? Me too! (It’s sooo hard not to buy all of this stuff as I sit here writing about it!) There are only about two weeks left, so order a dress or earrings for you and your sister and combine to save on shipping! (Check out our delivery schedules here.) Order now and you’ll have plenty of time for a trial run before a night out under the fireworks!
What plans do you have to celebrate the 4th?