After digging through my mom’s closet of awesome clothes from the sixties and seventies, I’ve been a little bit obsessed with the whole retro comeback. I realize that I’m a little slow here as we’ve already done a Retro Revival Lookbook, but hey, better late than never. 
After stealing a fab brown leather belt from my mom, I came to work and discovered this lil beauty:  the Macramé Maven Coral Dress. It’s not the beautiful coral color that looks good on anyone that makes me love this dress, nor is it the gorgeous scalloping on the hem or the shimmery lining that fakes a totally great tan. Nope, it’s the fact that this dress has personality.
Macramé is not always the easiest thing to wear, but this dress makes it super wow. You won’t find a dress like this very often, a dress that looks hot with sandals or heels or with boots and a long cardigan. When you put it on, you’ll feel instantly brighter and more cheerful because you will have a dress that nobody else has and nobody else can rock quite like you.
Wanna see how? Let’s throw a little outfit together:
How about the  Zad By Your Side Silver Cuff,  the Melie Bianco Zoe White Handbag (it has a real bamboo handle!), and the Bamboo Colada 36 Natural Raffia Platform Pumps. I would wear this outfit to work (with tights or leggings), out for cocktails with my friends, or to dinner with my sweetie. The great thing about this piece is that it is a great choice for wearing all day when you have a million different things to do and places to be. 
Are you as obsessed with this dress as I am? Where would you wear this fantastic piece of retro fashion?