Happy Friday, lovely Lulus fans! March has come, spring is springing, and our lovely Live Chat girl Whitley has informed us that there are many of you out there looking for some graduation and dance dresses. She also mentioned that many schools require dresses with certain restrictions, like length and sleeves.
Sooo, I’ve put together a little blog for you featuring some dresses that might work for you, based on the dress codes she’s mentioned. See what you think!
Finger Tip Length
A good place to start when hunting for dresses with a certain length requirement is with maxi dresses. Not only are these super trendy and popular right now, but these dresses are also really comfortable and elegant.
 ** Note **
The rest of the dresses in this blog, while not specifically targeted as fingertip length, are ones that I’ve tried to choose so you can see where the models’ fingers rest. Most of them are about fingertip length, but of course this will differ depending on your height and body shape. If you have any questions on length, check the descriptions of the dress to see the measurements. Hope this helps!
Dresses with Sleeves
    These darling dresses have either short sleeves or three-quarter sleeves for those of you who need extra shoulder coverage…or just get cold easily!
  Wide Tank Straps 
Whitley also mentioned that some of you would like cute dresses that don’t have spaghetti straps. By the time graduation comes around, it will be pretty warm, so here are some options that will keep you cool AND modest.
And of course, you can’t dance OR graduate without some fabulous shoes. These shoes are all under three inches AND they’re super comfortable: 
Want more options? Check out our Chelsea Crew selection (most of their shoes are 3″ or under) and our flats!
Alright, guys, there ya go! I hope this helps you on your search for the perfect outfit! If you have any questions in particular, please feel free to leave a comment on the blog and I’ll make sure to get back to you!
And, of course, congratulations!