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We’re not saying Kim Kardashian, Bella Hadid, and Gwenyth Paltrow owe their amazing sense of style to their zodiac sign, but is it any surprise they’re all lovely Libras? We’re not saying every Libra looks like a runway model every second of every day, but we will say it’s pretty hard to find a Libra who doesn’t deliver certified LEWKS on the daily. Ultra-balanced Libra is the master of mixing. From chic street style vibes one day to gala-ready glam the next, this sign is a natural born fashionista with the uncanny ability to pull off anything. If you weren’t born right at the cusp of autumn but want to borrow a page out of a Libra’s book, keep reading for our tips on capturing that distinct Libra style for every sign!

libra style for the signs - sexy and chic

Libra style, in general, can be summed up by the following words: feminine, fashionable, romantic, and leaning a little on the luxe side. They’re perfectionists when it comes to their outfits and wouldn’t dream of leaving the house in something they wouldn’t be proud of being photographed in. A sexy bodycon, a boss babe blazer, and perfectly matched accessories play right into Libra’s sexy chic style. Bonus points if you have a rollerball of designer perfume in your clutch, as Libras tend to consider smelling great just as important as looking good!

libra off duty style

Even a Libra “off-duty” is still going to bring their A-game to their outfit. Pairing luxe loungewear with edgy street style savvy accessories will take your errand-running outfit from “blah” to “bombshell.” Remember, it’s all in the details. Think like a fashion-forward Libra and reach for trendy picks like PVC heels, mini sunglasses, and neutral hues to elevate even the most casual outfit.

If you’re hoping to add some Libra style to your life, here’s a quick reference guide!

⭐ Aries: You love to live in the moment, but a Libra loves to plan their outfits well in advance. This season, try thinking about how to mix your favorite pieces in the most impactful way and then strut your stuff!
⭐ Taurus: Libra and Taurus share a love for the luxurious, so go ahead and rock that full silk getup this season! Bonus points if it’s under a faux fur coat.
⭐ Gemini: A natural partner to a Libra, you’re already well on your way to rocking this sun sign style. If you spend a few extra minutes on taming your flyaways and brushing up your eyebrows before leaving the house, you’re sure to be rocking a Libra-approved look.
⭐ Cancer: You and Libras both have a bit of a sentimental side, so now is the time to pull out your pieces with meaning. It’s time for your family heirloom jewelry to shine!
⭐ Leo: While you’re the master of pulling off full glam in the daytime, Libras are a little more balanced. You can still go all out with your ‘fit, just pair it with a more simple makeup look (or vice-versa!)
⭐ Virgo: Modesty has a time and a place, but try letting loose this season! We promise trying out a bustier top or a backless bodycon will make you feel bangin’!
⭐ Scorpio: Being a lone wolf definitely gives you a sense of mystery, but a Libra’s favorite accessory is their besties! Try bringing them along on your next shopping trip (and don’t forget to post a million dressing room Boomerangs!)
⭐ Sagittarius: Take your Boho babe vibes to the big city and try swapping your favorite kimono top for street style-approved duster jacket! Same vibe, just a little edgier.
⭐ Capricorn: Okay, we know you’re pretty no-nonsense when it comes to dressing, but try to have some fun with it! Test out a statement accessory, like a fur bag, and see how it feels!
⭐ Aquarius: Yes, you love to march to your own beat, but trends are trendy for a reason! Take a Libra’s advice and try out that style you’ve been seeing everywhere this season! No one will judge you, we promise!
⭐ Pisces: Just like Libra, you’re already a naturally romantic dresser, but adding a pair of mini sunglasses to your feminine getup will take you from pretty princess to runway queen in three seconds flat!

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