The reading of all good books is like conversation with the finest men of the past centuries” -Descartes

Reading fills us with stories of other lands, characters from our world and others, and memories to hold with us throughout our lives. One of our favorite bloggers, Rebecca of The Clothes Horse, is an avid reader who is known to discuss her favorite books on her site. With back to school here, we figured what better way to spend the month of September than seeing some of our favorite books and characters relived through fashion? Starting today and following every Tuesday for the rest of the month, Rebecca will use some adorable Lulus pieces to walk us though four of her favorite literary titles! I am so excited to see how she brings these books to life. Here are a few sneak preview photos of her first look and a quick question and answer sesh to get you acquainted with her. Make sure you head over to her blog to see it all! Happy reading!
Q and A with Rebecca!
Your blog has been a Lulus staff favorite for some time and you always have such great content. Where do you find your inspiration?
All over the place really; old films featuring either Hepburn or my true favorite–Bette Davis, Pre-Raphaelite paintings, runway collections, lookbooks, and other bloggers. I think everything we experience has an influence on us and has the potential to be inspiring; so my physical surroundings also play into my outfits and my blog content.
We chose a literary theme for our collaboration this month since you are an avid reader and mention books often on your blog. What are you currently reading that you haven’t been able to put down?
I’m actually reading a couple of books at the moment. Small Things With Great Love by Margot Starbuck is for a small group I’m in and it’s quite good. Additionally, I’m really captured by TH White’s The Once and Future King, I haven’t read it before and I’m hooked!
 If you could do the wardrobe for one movie based on a book, what would it be and why?
Oh dear, I’m not sure I’d trust myself to do justice a film adaptation of one of my favorite novels–I admire Janie Bryant’s costume design so much and I don’t know that I could acheive that level of perfection. A book I would love to see on the screen is The Small Rain. Although, like many people overly attached to particular books, I’d also be terrified that Hollywood and any director would destroy it…
What are a few of your favorite blogs? For fashion and loads of inspiration: 
CalivintageNiotillfemHannah and Landon, and my friend writes some pretty sweet poetry at The Dust Dances Too.