For the month of September, we partnered up with Rebecca of The Clothes Horse blog to create a series of four literary inspired posts! Using Lulus items, Rebecca created outfits inspired and reminiscent of characters and themes of her favorite books. As an avid reader, Rebecca always writes about her love for literature! I thought this would be a perfect partnership and opportunity to get some truly inspired posts, and I was right! Take a look below for her take on the classics!

Week 1: Camilla by Madeleine L’Engle

Inspired by the classic styling of the protagonist, Rebecca chose simple flats and a timeless black dress.

To best embody the character of school girl/adventurer, Jane, Rebecca chose a pleated skirt and striped shirt and gathered around a fire!

For this book, Rebecca wanted to create an outfit that was just a little out of step, just like the character of the older sister, Rose. In the words of Rebecca, “Like Rose, the overall outfit is a little retro and dated, but overall there’s a charm to each piece and a feminine prettiness that won’t be denied–a rose is still a rose, after all.”

Week 4: Martin Eden by Jack London

Such a beautiful post! This week was by far my favorite! Choosing a peach and gold flecked dress and reading on the docks, Rebecca channeled the character Ruth in Martin Eden. To quote the author, “She was a pale, ethereal creature, with wide, spiritual blue eyes and a wealth of golden hair. He did not know how she was dressed, except that the dress was as wonderful as she. He likened her to a pale gold flower upon a slender stem.”

This was such a fun partnership! Thanks again, Rebecca! Make sure you hop over to her blog for more outfit inspiration and lovely posts on music, art, and of course, books!