There are many new and hot figures flirting with the cameras about town in NYC these days, but there is one in particular that has caught my attention again and again. I have to admit, he was the only Sikh man in all of the “who’s who” party pictures on, and he was in sooooo many of them that I couldn’t help wondering who he was.

His name is Waris Ahluwalia, of the House of Waris jewelry company. Waris jewelry could charm almost anyone, gleaming with precious gems and whimisical fantasy. In order to keep up such a business, Waris can be seen working around the clock to keep on the cutting edge of the world of the socialites.

Not only is Waris an amazing jewelry designer, he is also an actor. Waris premiers in the Darjeeling Limited as the train conductor but is also in The Life Aquatic. I LOVE Wes Anderson movies, so this was awesome to find out!

Here, below and to the left, are Waris’ earrings. On the right, here’s a Lulus necklace [sold out!] that is reminiscent of his style and use of gemstones (although our necklace does not actually have real gemstones in it).