Just when we thought our little office fashionista couldn’t get any cuter, Miss Carlie waltzed into the office one afternoon sporting the gorgeous floral dress pictured below. Of course, we had to know where she got it, but the truth was that it wasn’t a dress at all; it was a SKIRT!

She had us all fooled and all immediately wanting to know how she did it. Now, Carlie once again shares her fashion secrets with us. Today’s lesson: how to make an “old lady” skirt into a fresh and beautiful dress!


— Lace or elastic to use as spaghetti straps
— Needle and thread
— Cute mid-waist belt to add shape


1. Unbutton top two or three buttons depending on how low of a cut you want.
2. Measure two equal pieces of lace (length varies depending on how you want the dress to sit).
3. Attach lace to the opening of the skirt (use needle a thread to attach).
4. Attach the other end of the lace to the back of the skirt.
5. Add a cute mid-waist belt to add shape to the dress

When looking for a shirt, choose a length and a waist width that will be flattering and comfortable for your figure. A skirt that buttons up is the most appealing when made into a dress. Also, look for a print that you can pair with one of your favorite belts and pair of shoes.

With a little trip to your local thrift store, and a little imagination, this cute look can be yours as well. Share the good news with your friends, or keep them guessing. It can be our little secret. 😉