Here at Lulus, when we don’t know what to wear to work or out on a date, we always ask each other what to do. This morning, though, we didn’t even have to ask, because Brittany walked in looking so cute, we all want to buy the same dress and are feeling confident about looking cute this week!

Now, if any of you are wondering how to look cute at work this week, we wanted to share the “Brittany” outfit solution with you!

For this look:

* Ada Dress in Black [sold out!]

* Nexus Double Wrap Belt in Brown [sold out!]

* Steve Madden Hunny Brown Leather Belted Knee High Boot [sold out!]

P.S. & FYI-  Brittany always looks this cute! So we are bound to have more outfit ideas in Lulus clothes by Brittany!