We have been doing model profiles and interviews with models from our vintage section, however, we have not yet done a profile on any of the in-house Lulus models!

So, I am here to introduce you to one of the first Lulus.com models and one that will be leaving us and moving to LONDON this month! We are sad but very excited for her and (selfishly) can’t wait to get fashion updates from London!!!

Here is Serine…. and she is, needless to say, one of the funkiest and fun models I have EVER worked with! Below are some pics done outside Lulus (in my designs) for a little sneak peak into her “real” personality!! Keep posted this week for the newest pictures of Serine in CUTE dresses on Lulus.com!!

Serine was born in Santa Cruz, California. She grew up in San Francisco, and then moved to Chico, California, for high school. During her junior year of high school, Serine got an internship at the Lulus Fashion Lounge boutique in downtown Chico.

Soon after she began her internship, the Lulus.com website was launched, and she became one of the online team! Now, Serine does everything from modeling on the site to supervising and coordinating our inventory.

In her time off, Serine travels. Her favorite places are Serbia, Croatia, London, Amsterdam, Bosnia, Switzerland, Greece, and Rome. At the end of this month, Serine is actually leaving us and moving to London. When she gets there, Serine plans to work in the fashion industry.

Pictures were taken by Daniel De Porres and Kyle Delmar.