Fan of American Idol?

I thought so.

This image of Didi Benami from last Tuesday night’s performance probably looks familiar to you, then. Her breathtaking performance of Stevie Nicks’ classic hit “Rhiannon” won her a place in the show’s top twelve last night!

This charming young woman from Knoxville, Tennessee has a voice as soft as velvet, and as sweet as strawberry ice cream! She’s captured us with her super-femme indie styling reminiscent of Duffy or Feist.

Here at Lulus, we couldn’t help but notice her impeccable fashion sense! This rosy-cheeked  Boho-Babe showed up on stage with soft curls, and none other than the ultra-popular La La Love Dress in Coral! [sold out!] This whimsical gal chose to go with the high-belted look, with matching boots. (Not to mention an acoustic guitar, and what could be sexier than that?).

Check out this video of her vote-winning performance:

 Any Didi fans out there?
I have to say she’s one of my favorites out of all of the girls, and I’m curious to see what she comes up with next week!!
Last nights cuts were grueling!!! 
Who did you vote for?