If you’ve been dreaming of cowboys and the great West since seeing True Grit then Dean and Dan of Dsquared² are about to make your day! 

Dsquared² won me over at Milan fashion week with this tribute to American pioneers and more likely, Hailee Steinfeld’s role in the latest Western, True Grit.

Although not breathtakingly beautiful, or feminine, the catchy part of this collection is that it is simply wearable. Take away the bulky layering and the pieces are totally practical. Expect menswear inspired layering for fall 2011 in a big way, and get yourself a great oversized and floppy hat ASAP.


Arizona Muse opened the show wearing an adorable deep-blush colored leather jacket paired with brown gloves, a black floppy hat, killer-pieced jeans, a studded belt, and a pair of white lace up boots.

 To end the show Dean and Dan used their signature move by doing yet another take on a women’s version of a tuxedo. This time however, it was a maxi dress version of a tux from the olden days complete with a black bow tie.