And now I am here to introduce Olivia. Olivia is one of our beautiful, charming, and oh soooooo sweet models! If we were to give a Miss Congeniality award it would most definitely go to this Lulus lady!

I had a moment earlier today to see what Olivia’s life was like outside of working at

Olivia is originally from San Francisco (my favorite city in the U.S) and she moved to Chico to attend Chico State University. At Chico State she is studying English Literature. Olivia’s favorite food is Thai food because she is an avid vegetarian.

On her free time Olivia can be found breaking hearts around town with her best friend, Kyndrah (below is a pic of them together), who is also one of our models and who we featured on the blog a little while ago.

And here are a few pictures of Olivia modeling at a fashion show that I thought were especially pretty!