This monster fashion attack is hot off the press and already taken over the fashion world!

The collaboration of Lady Gaga as musical director for the Thierry Mugler Fall 2011 fashion show that opened Paris’s Menswear Fashion Week has spurred an instant fashion craze. Mugler is now under the creative direction of Lady Gaga’s stylist Nicola Formichetti. This development might just be the most viral one in fashion history and may manage to throw this avant garde brand into the sphere of public knowledge with a new, shortened name, Mugler.

The collaboration for the video and newest collection included Romain Kremer another designer, the photgrapher and filmmaker Mariano Vivanco and a model, named Rico, who is covered in skeletal tattoos. This video reveals Lady Gaga’s mix including one of her songs for her newest album, Born This Way, not yet released.

Watch the video and remember that this line, this brand, is not for the faint of fashion heart. This is a brand created around the bizarre that has historically dealt with the utmost of fashion divas. In a desperate attempt to stay afloat in times where many fashion brands are going under, Formichetti utilized a genius marketing campaign to breathe new life into a the dying art of avant garde fashion. Even if it is a little creepy, I think it did the trick.

Did the Gaga & Formichetti collaboration work its wonders on you or just freak you out?