Once there was a girl named Val (me) and her most wonderful green purse. She took her purse everywhere … to the mall and the grocery store; to the park and on first dates; to the movies and even into her dreams, for she loved her purse so much.

But such a pure love could not last.

The jealous eye shadow (cheap, awful eyeshadow I will never forgive) exploded in my purse and stained everything a noxious yellow. My cell phone, lotion, lip gloss, wallet, even my hands were instantly posioned! It was so bad, I had to toss everything, including my favorite wallet I bought in Venice, Italy, and yes, even my beloved purse.

But with heartbreak comes hope. Thankfully Lulus has some super cute items to replace my lost love. The Too Legit Handbag in Black [sold out!] is a nice size for day-to-day use, and every wallet needs rose on it (in my opinion) so the Jungle Rose Wallet in Leopard [sold out!] is just perfect! And so I don’t forget my old purse, a new green friend — The Owl Pal Wristlet!



The lesson here?  1) Love your purse while you can.

                            2) Be willing to accept the new bags in your life.

                            3) Don’t buy cheap make-up out of someone’s truck.