how to channel clueless looks into your current wardrobe

There’s a reason Clueless is now considered an iconic movie. Well, actually there are several reasons — and not least among them was the wardrobe. The haute high school flick delivered on ’90s fashion in a major way and Alicia Silverstone’s Cher Horowitz was an instant style legend. The Beverly Hills teen’s sexy-meets-prep-school look stole our hearts, from her blazers down to her knee socks. Cher, in her baby tees, backpacks, mini skirts, and plaid (so much plaid) taught us that it’s ok to have fun with fashion and care about the world around you (Pismo Beach Disaster Relief anyone?). It’s no wonder we’re still swooning after her closet.

Now that fall is officially in full swing, we’re ready to take some style cues from our first style crush. That means mixing tailored staples like a classic black blazer with fun finds like a blush leather mini skirt, or pairing a button-front pinafore dress over a fitted tee — don’t forget the choker. With Cher as your inspo, we guarantee you’re going to look like a total Betty.

clueless style - get the 90s look we're still obsessed with

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Header image via @em.spiliopoulos