Sooooo this week I received new news from Nyala (our makeup artist) in Pakistan! The process of finding the PERFECT wedding dress has been a journey for Nyala that has taken her all the way from California to Pakistan.

I remember this summer, when I first met her, Nyala was showing me pictures of this Pakistani fashion designer and I remembered being in awe of the color, textures, and intricate bead work covering the gorgeously constructed gowns that she showed me. Now Nyala is actually having her dress made by the very same designer that she was showing me that day almost six months ago!

Read the rest to find out about Nyala’s journey from Nyala herself!

So, who’s doing my wedding dress?

I had been eyeing Pakistani fashion magazines for years now, in anticipation of what my dress will look like. I had my heart set on a ivory gown — not very traditional in color for my culture, but nowadays, red is no longer mandatory. After years of research I’ve came across many designs, but only a few excited me.

While meeting with various designers to view their collections, I found her! If there were ever another Pakistani who envisioned the fusion of Western wear with the grace and tradition of Pakistani fashion through my eyes, it’s Saadia Mirza.

Saadia has created a brand that caters to many. You won’t, however, get to see the real effect of her work through just any magazine ad or picture, as I learned after visiting her showroom. You must see her fabrics, stitching, intricate and detailed embellishments in person.

She is one of the few designers who uses nothing but real stones (garnets, topaz, turquoise and real crystals). I also love her recent use of the very vintage technique of hammered nakshi (metal thread) to create motifs.

As I visited her, I did not know what to expect for my bridal appointment. I whisked through her showroom, and my eyes landed on this one dress. It was a perfect structure that needed to be re-designed to fit my personal style and needs. Many designers feel their designs are perfection and not to be messed with. So I was nervous by the suggestion of many customizations although as I tried it on, I began to visualize all of my changes.

She was sitting on her chair with a sketch pad and pencil. As I began sharing my thoughts with my sister and aunt who came along, I noticed her sketching away. Every suggestion was being transformed to the dress on her pad. I was incredibly impressed with her amazing ability to visualize my words exactly how they were in my mind.

I have yet to see the dress, but I have full faith in her work. Her fabrics are incredible, and her skill is unmatchable. I feel very fortunate to be able to have my dress designed by Saadia Mirza!

Here’s our mini interview with Saadia Mirza:

How long have you been designing?

It’s been about 10 years now.

At what stage did you feel you’ve made your name known?

I still feel that I haven’t reached the point I’d like to be at, which would require me to become a fully international brand.

I’m sure Lulus fans would love to know if you do custom work for individual needs?

Of course! I love to customize, and that’s what I specialize inL custom designs for each client.

From all of your “V” brands — Virtue, Velocity, Vision, Voyage — which is your most favorite to design for?

Velocity is my favorite.

Do you enjoy the shapes and style of Western fashion?

Yes. I love doing Western pieces. I went to the London College of Fashion. I was trained with that style and vision.

What is your favorite event to design for?

I love bridals. It’s a lot of work, but that’s the most enjoyable … to see a girl wearing my piece on such an important day.

When choosing your runway models, what do you look for?

Unfortunately, we don’t have much choice when there are runways shows. The models are choosen by the sponsoring agencies. I do, however, look for models who have grace and confidence, when they carry my pieces.