I recently worked on the costumes for a local and original adaptation of the movie Sid and Nancy. I will admit that I was a Vivienne Westwood fanatic for a few years so I already knew a bit about the rowdy London crew that created the iconic look of the Sex Pistols, or so I thought. One key detail of the 1970’s punk crew I had yet to discover….

What I found, after re-igniting my knowledge of the period, were that everyone wore these ridiculous mohair sweaters EVERYWHERE.

Once that realization kicked in I saw that there is a scene in the movie Sid and Nancy where all of the band members except for Johnny Rotten are wearing these totally goofy over sized brightly colored striped mohair sweaters. I’ve been on a mission ever since to find the perfect mohair 70’s sweater and it looks like DKNY listened and heard my plea! Check out DKNY’s Fall 2011 collection of mohair sweaters below to see what I mean.


So here’s to a week of fuzzy mohair sweaters kicking off fashion week! LOL