The Cherry Blossom Girl
Alix (above) created her gorgeous blog in 2007. Spending part of her time in Paris and part in Versailles, this talented designer has a wealth of gorgeous and inspiring photos, detailing her love of fashion, travel, beauty and Chanel! The shots above were taken at a 50’s-style diner in Paris. Gotta love the burst of color, her red heels and that yummy sundae!! Check out The Cherry Blossom Girl for more fantastic and captivating posts!
Alma Luna
I couldn’t stop scrolling through post after post of Alma’s amazing blog. A vibrant student in Paris, her posts detail a life of adventure and fun with fashion. Her outfits were seriously so inspiring, I’m now filled with ideas of how to revamp my wardrobe. The photo above was taken on the streets of Paris, and honestly couldn’t look more chic.
Le Blog de Big Beauty
Stylin’ Stephanie of Le Blog de Big Beauty is a gem of a find. Actress, model and fashionista, Stephanie is redefining what is means to be a larger woman in French culture. She even offers courses for women on how to dress to flatter their curves. I love how she plays with color in her outfits, and I’d kill for her amazing shoe collection! Click on this link to see a video clip of Stephanie at work.