This week we have the insanely fabulous Jenny Wu of Good, Bad, and Fab¬†showing us Halloween isn’t all about rocking a crazy costume. If you are headed to an office party or a dressy affair, orange is the perfect go-to color to get you in the holiday spirit. Okay, so it may not be the new black, but this week orange is having a seriously spooky-chic moment!

lulus orange floral skirt (1 of 1) lulus orange floral skirt (4 of 12)

As a lawyer, I can’t get away with wearing my Miley costume to work as teddy bear playsuits are specifically listed as “prohibited attire” in the employee handbook, so I have to find more subtle ways to celebrate the holiday in style. For a day in the office, I’m wearing my orange wrap dress as a top paired with a floral embroidered pencil skirt. A statement necklace, tights, and low key suede ankle boots keep the look professional, chic, and Halloween happy.

black top and orange shorts outfit (1 of 22) black top and orange shorts outfit (12 of 22)

A visit to the pumpkin patch is a Halloween must! It’s a fun reminder that fall is finally here. A chic, comfortable, and holiday appropriate outfit is also a must for the outing so I’m wearing my bright orange shorts with a baggy black sweatshirt and fall boots. The look is festive in a minimalist kind of way and can easily transition from day to night with the layering of a leather jacket and tights.

black sheer dress outfit (6 of 13) black sheer dress outfit (7 of 13)

If you don’t feel like wearing a costume to the Halloween party, put on an LBD and accessorize it with pops of orange. I’ve paired my sheer cutout number with conversation starter heels and an orange specked statement necklace. If anyone asks why you aren’t dressed up for Halloween, look them dead in the eye and say with a tinge of British accent, “Really? This isn’t dressed up enough for you?”

Have a fabulous and stylish Halloween!


{live fabulously}