410With summer festival season upon us, and Coachella quickly approaching (24 days!), I thought I would give you guys some quick inspiring tips from some fashionable ladies to get your creative juices flowing on how to dress for one of the best summer festivals I’ve ever been to.
Coachella is hosted once a year on a weekend in April, down in the desert of Indio, CA and never fails to disappoint with both the music and fashion line-up. Spotting “street style” at summer festivals has been a fad in recent years, and below are some fashion staple outfits on the festival scene.
1. Back to the Basics: Florals

For any type of festival, floral print is always the go-to fabric. This print is perfect for the heat of the desert, and by adding a little brown belt, the perfect hat, and an awesome pair of sunnies you’ll always be looking good. Another plus: Stains won’t show up as much with a print, it can get pretty dirty in the desert.

2. Laid Back: Simple Chic

Most of the time Coachella is crowded and has some pretty gnarly heat, especially when you are in the middle of a hot & sweaty crowd. And in those situations, all you really want to be is comfortable. These ladies take it there by wearing simple outfits based around cut-off shorts and oversized shirts, matched with the perfect accessories. With small details such as the cowboy boots, the blue poncho, and the bright red hat- each of these looks embodies the laid back chic style.
3. Peak-a-boo: Crochets & Cutouts

It’s no secret that Indio get’s hot, real hot- up to 100 degrees farenheit somedays. A great way to both keep and look cool is by layering loose knit crochets with a pair of cut-offs and boots for a devil-may-care gypsy vibe, like Alessandra Ambrosio. Bring back the 90’s by channeling Pretty Woman in a cutout dress, which is also a perfect cover for your swimsuit. Or work it like Kate Bosworth, who kept it minimalistlic in her nude crochet dress and booties.

4. Hair Flair: the Ultimate Accessory
More than likely you will be camping when you go to Coachella, which means you won’t be able to wash your hair. Whether you are hiding some messy locks with a scarf or donning a hat to hide from the sun, hair accessories are a key tool to looking fresh at any festival, and also protects your head from those UV rays. The floppy hat paired with a maxi gives off an effortless boho chic, the straw fedora will perfectly compliment a bright girly dress, while the romper paired with the head scarf oozes retro-cuteness.
Which look will you be rocking at Coachella this year?