Is your week moving at an unbearably slow pace? I find that when my week seems mundane and boring I look to the fashion shows and websites/blogs for a little creative pick me up. These shows, even if I can’t actually go to them seem to put a smile on my face instantly. Today’s feature is on Elie Saab‘s fairy tale line that, well, always takes me to a far off land of pretty princesses and dainty fairies!

We begin with blush pinks that sparkle in the pale light.

Lavender and a light floral print get mixed into this far away place where 6 feet tall gangly models room freely in the meadows and lakes.


And here a deep red knocks a little bit of energy to our day dreaming senses and graces us with a bit of sex appeal.


Then, we’re back to neutrals with an off white color that the moon would be envious of

It’s always good to finish a show off with a little bit of drama and Saab shocks our sensual sides with the blackest of black gown that’re so sexy they’d make Angelina Jolie blush. 

 So did this help infuse your day with a little trip to never never land?