Escapism is taking form in the colors of clothes!

With pink on the runway more and more often its being seen more and more on the streets.

In the most fashionable Soho in New York City two adorable young women were caught on the street in pink at a casting for Sex and the City 2 in New York City. In sunglasses fit for a star, they waited in line to see if they could “make it big”.

On the left, this girl wears one of the ever-so popular jumpsuits. The pink jersey hangs and drapes beautifully in this loose fitting jumpsuit. For summer time there is nothing better than a loose fit lightweight and soft-to-the-touch garment. The woman on the right is wearing a loose fitting silk print dress with an adorable belt around the waist. Both balance on heels at heights unknown!

Accessorize like a star and dress to impress: