This blog is for all your girls with big hair. It’s for all you girls who spend hours with the straightener only to go outside in the rain and humidity only to have it turn into a fro in seconds. It’s for you girls who will never have that straight, shiny hair we covet in the magazines.
It’s for all your girls with the most AWESOME HAIR EVER.
Check it out: 
Entitled, “Pop Goes the Girl,” this ultra-glamorous shoot pairs rich chestnut curls against bright swatches of color for a not-so-subtle transition into spring. Featuring Alina Baikova (you might remember her from Siobhan‘s vibrant Summer Color Trends blog last week), this gorgeous editorial was shot by Kerry Hallihan for the January/Febrary 2011 edition of Numero Tokyo. To date, I think it is one of my favorite shoots in a very long time.
Thanks to Fashion Gone Rogue for the pics. 
After looking through these again, I’m also decidedly all for her bright eye color, as well. With the bright pops in her wardrobe, it really brings here eyes to life. Plus, it’s just nice to do something different than our regular black and brown staples, don’t ya think?
All right you girls with curly hair (or creative girls with a curling iron)!
I dare you to pop!