Some of the best fashion you’ll see is right out your front door, modeled on real, everyday people going about their daily lives. One popular website allows regular folk to showcase their creativity and demonstrate the power and innovation of street fashion.

The site to which I am referring is Wardrobe Remix, a street fashion community on Flickr. Here, group members are free to post pictures of their remixed outfits. Pictures must be head to toe shots and must list where each item was purchased. Skirts salvaged from thrift stores, tights from Target, jewelry from boyfriends, and hats found at yard sales are just some of the uniquely obscure items you’ll find incorporated into fantastic outfits.

This is a great site to go to if you need a little inspiration for your wardrobe as you will come across some of the most creative people! One such exemplary remixer is Alisha (right), who goes by Roseate Spoonbill on Flickr. Her page documents plenty of adorable retro finds. High-waisted skirts, cute vintage hats, pretty blouses, and unique belts are put together for a sweet vintage look with modern day spunk. Check her out for inspiration to pay a visit to your local thrift store!

If the thousands of pics on Wardrobe Remix don’t satify your craving for street style, check out the book: What I Wore Today: Fashion Remixed Online from Beijing to Berlin (left), which is a published collection of outfits from fashionistas across the globe. Search for it at your local bookstore or at

With a little reexamination of your wardrobe and some creativity, you too can strut your stuff on Wardrobe Remix. Give it a try!