Anybody who has ever met me knows that that my all-time favorite color is red. I have a red car, red phone, red Wii, red wallet, red lipstick, and red boots. (As I write this, I’m even wearing a red sweater dress. Overboard? Hmmm…) So, it should come as no surprise that for this week’s Laurie’s Loves I was in the mood for a little pick-me-up from my happiest hue.
With a little bit of red lipstick, the Scarlet Seduction One Shoulder Red Dress is just sooo freaking gorgeous. It’s graceful, retro, and yet totally modern at the same time. I would wear this dress to an art gala, a wedding, a New Years party, Christmas, Valentines Day, Fourth of July party, a work mixer, a graduation party…yep, pretty much the list is endless. We’ve already sold out once, so get this dress while you can!
And let’s just talk about these Jeffrey Campbell Harris 2 Red Knee High Heel Boots. Whether you want to channel your inner Mary Horowitz or your just plain rockin’ sense of style, these boots are a must-have. Yes, I am drooling a little bit. For the glam girl, how about the Mixx Petal 05 Red Kid Suede Rhinestone Stiletto Pumps? Hint: these are on sale!
 I was immediately drawn to the Waterways of Bruges Red Purse  for its color, but after examining it for a few minutes I decided I loved the purse itself. I think Audrey Hepburn, classic movies, European glamor. Yes, please!
Okay, and I know this is cheesy, but since my last name is Hartt, I kindof have to milk it a little bit. In addition to loving red, I also love most thing hearts. The Love Sensor Red Heart Purse is no exception, and while the heart motif is definitely well-used this time of year, this purse has soooo much potential. If you pair it with jeans and a vintage shirt or a toned-down LBD, you can wear your heart on your, er, shoulder? in a fresh new way.
So now that you have my (not-so) secret color obsession, what’s yours? What tones rules your wardrobe?