2018 fall fashion trends for each sign of the zodiac

Anyone else been craving pumpkin spice, lately? Call us basic,¬†ūüíĀ¬†but to us,¬†a warm, spicy & sweet drink and fall are a package deal. It’s hard to believe 2018 is already creeping close to an end, but after reading up on the¬†F/W 2018 fashion forecast, we couldn’t be more excited for chilly days and rocking our new (and old!) favorite fall fashion trends. If you’re ready to get as pumped for the next season as we are, keep reading for our personalized list for your sign of fall fashion must-haves you gotta invest in this September!

aries fall fashion trend: dramatic dusters

Aries: Dusters¬†If you’re going to be partying all night, you might as well dress appropriately! We’re absolutely adoring the PJ trend in fall fashion right now, especially the robe-eqsue duster jackets popping up everywhere! F.R.S.¬†dropped a line of full of duster jackets that are a little bit extra and a little bit boss, just like you!¬†Image via @savvyjavvy

taurus fall fashion trends: satin styles

Taurus:¬†Satin —¬†We already know you have a taste for creature comforts and lucky for you, the satin trend (as seen on the¬†Jonathan Simkhai¬†runway) combines luxury fabrics with ultimate comfort. We love a satin slip dress thrown over a sophisticated turtleneck and sneakers for a look that’s the perfect mix of luxe and lazy and totally on-trend.¬†Image via @cath_belle

gemini fall fashion trends: sequins and sparkles

Gemini: SparklesGlittery runways like Dolce & Gabbana and Balmain definitely caught our eye this season. As the days get cloudier and the sun appears a little less bright over in the northern hemispheres, a big dose of sparkle is definitely welcome. We suggest investing in a versatile piece you can dress up or down (like a sequin jumpsuit) that will fit right in at all the events on the calendar of a social butterfly like yourself! Image via @anniejaffrey

cancer fall fashion trends: statement coats

Cancer:¬†Statement Coats¬†—¬†Wanna know the secret to¬†looking¬†chic-as-can-be even when you’re wearing the basics? It’s easy to upgrade your jeans (or leggings, we’re not judging!) and a tee ensemble to a certified #look by adding a pair of boots and a statement coat. Take a page from¬†Givenchy¬†and¬†Dior’s¬†book and sport a slightly oversized, fluffy coat this season to stay warm and snuggly and turn any casual ‘fit into certified couture. Plus, if you’re feeling a little shy, just bury yourself in your coat for a stylish getaway.¬†Image via @whitneybearr

leo fall fashion trends: red

Leo: Red —¬†Fall 2017 brought our attention back to this bold hue, and it looks like she’s here to stay! We still have a special place in our hearts for vampy wine and burgundy shades, but there’s just something¬†extra¬†about a vivid true red. After seeing this vivid color on the runways of iconic designers like¬†Valentino¬†and¬†Oscar de la Renta, red statement pieces are absolutely a must-have to jazz up your wardrobe. Plus, when its paired with an overcast sky, sporting something red will make you stand out in that way we know you love.¬†Image via @allovsin

virgo fall fashion trends: botanical florals

Virgo:¬†Botanical florals —¬†Florals? For fall? You bet! Tap into that famous earthy side of yours and rock a floral print that’s full of foliage! As demonstrated by some of Gucci’s¬†gorgeous¬†pieces, blossoms aren’t the only part of the plant that are¬†en vogue¬†these days! Dare to wear stems, leaves, and vines in unexpected ways for a whimsical look this fall!¬†Image via @macailycutler

libra fall fashion trends: glen plaid

Libra:¬†Glen Plaid — It seems like celebs, influencers, and runways like¬†Fendi¬†and Prada¬†are all obsessed with Glen plaid this season!¬†Everyone still loves a good tartan or gingham, but this fun spin on the plaid trend is dominating the fall fashion game at the moment. We suggest following in the footsteps of your sun-sign sister¬†and rocking this ultra-trendy print this season!¬†Image via @discoverbella

scorpio fall fashion trends: '80s revival

Scorpio: ’80s — Yes, the ’80s are cool again! Just ask Balenciaga¬†or Marc Jacobs. Maybe it’s all the nostalgic TV popping up in our Netflix queues, or maybe it’s because neon tones bring a much-needed break from all the normal fall fashion earth tone trends, but either way, we’re into it. One of the most diverse fashion decades is back in a major way and perfect for an elusive Scorpio.¬†Image via @joandkemp

sagittarius fall fashion trends: animal print

Sagittarius: Animal Print —¬†From spots to stripes, animal prints of all kinds are popping up¬†everywhere¬†this season and totally dominating 2018’s fall fashion.¬†Basically¬†every runway show (Tom Ford,¬†Michael Kors, and¬†Calvin Klein¬†to name a few) showcased their own take on this fun print. If you aren’t already flaunting your inner wild thing, our best tip for you is to treat them like a neutral. You definitely can’t go wrong by testing out this trend in the form of a chic trench coat. Check out our post¬†about¬†wearing leopard like a pro for more tips on rocking a trend as wild as you.¬†Image via @gococollective

capricorn fall fashion trends: suiting

Capricorn:¬†Suiting — A certified look that’s totally boss, easy to wear, and practical for nearly every occasion? We’re on board, and we expect you are too Capricorn. The amazing Armani¬†blew us away with fall fashion looks that are totally¬†suitable (get it?!) for a structured babe like you.¬†Your look doesn’t need to be stuffy, though! A matching suit in a fun print or a bold color will keep you chic while maintaining serious impact.¬†Image via @__kaesha

aquarius fall fashion trends: western wear

Aquarius: Western Wear — Cowboy boots have been line-dancing their way in and out of fashion for decades, but why stop at footwear when you can go full on wild west? We’re talking collared shirts, statement boots, and fringe galore. The western wear trend was stunning as it do-si-doed across the Isabel Marant¬†and Calvin Klein¬†runways and evoked images of bandits and outlaws, perfect for the resident rebel of the zodiac.¬†Image via @linhniller

pisces fall fashion trends: corduroy

Pisces:¬†Corduroy —¬†Who doesn’t love a good throwback? Daizy Shely¬†certainly does and so do we! Whether it’s in the form of jackets, skirts, or pants, this ’90s staple has a major place in 2018. Swapping your trusty denim for a cute corduroy gives your outfit a fun pop of ribbed texture and will totally speak to a Pisces’ nostalgic heart!

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