Nerd Alert! …Well, sort of!
Drawing inspiration for your next outfit can be a challenge sometimes, but with Nerd Boyfriend and Nerd Girlfriend, you can take a fashion cue from unlikely individuals ranging from actors to even physicists!  
Roxana Altamirano, founder of Nerd Boyfriend and Nerd Girlfriend wanted to highlight uncommon fashion muses not because they may be considered geeky, but because they’re often overlooked as fashion icons.  So forget Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn and make way for Gilda Radner and Jim Henson!

 Gilda Radner, famous Saturday Night Live funny woman, looking great in a peasant top and a classic shaped skirt. A big smile doesn’t hurt either!
Jodie Foster’s corduroy pants and suspenders really define geek chic. And Twin Peaks’ Audrey Horne definitely had a signature style, with school girl skirts, tight cardigans, and sexy red pumps.
 We always knew Ms. Piggy had amazing fashion sense, but we didn’t realize that The Muppets creator Jim Henson also had an amazing wardrobe!
Not exactly nerdy, but Rob Lowe’s style from the 1983 movie “The Class” definitely makes us wish for dapper prep school styles. Who doesn’t love a man in a pea coat?!
We can always recognize Charlie Chaplin with his signature mustache and bowler hat, but it’s also nice to take notice of his plaid vests and wide-legged trousers. 

And our favorite nerd, Mr. Rogers, showed us the importance of setting out your clothes for the day. So of course we’d want to wear his cozy cardigans and casual sneakers!   
Who’s your favorite Nerd Girlfriend/Nerd Boyfriend?  
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