I have always loved the name Phoebe. Not only is it my mom’s name, but it’s also the name of my favorite characters from Friends and Charmed. The name derives from the ancient Greek Φοίβη, meaning “bright and shining.” While the pictures in this shoot are of a darker nature, there is a beautiful backlit aspect and a certain glow radiating from model Phoebe Watson’s beautiful face.
Shot exclusively for Fashion Gone Rogue, this incredible editorial was photographed by Daniel Nadel and styled by Amber Ross to create a unique mix of high and low, of luxury and rural simplicity. Dark pieces from Louis Vuitton, Marlene Birger, Worth Couture, Christian Louboutin, Felder Felder, Mark Fast and others pair with rustic barns, wooden fences, wan sunlight, and sweet hay for a tenous combination of etherial solitude.

(Pics courtesy of Fashion Gone Rogue.)