Steven Meisel (famous fashion photographer) has taken on one of the most controversial environmental issues to date for Vogue Italia by focusing an entire spread on the Gulf Oil Spill. 

This was a stunning stance for Vogue Italia to take because fashion magazines have rarely been known for being socially responsible, let alone environmentally aware. 

The series that Steven Meisel shot was for Vogue Italia’s August issue and features an oil clad Kristen McMenamy (the model) desperate for survival in the gulf while she becomes entangled and strangled in haute couture garments. 

I was impressed by the depth of emotion captured by these photos. When, or if, we begin to imagine ourselves in all of our material beauty, drowning in oil, then the disaster and its consequences might start to be real. Will we ever take responsibility for the drastic consequences of our oil dependent lifestyle on the environment?

The critique brought up from these photos is that the magazine had hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of clothing and people flown to the location for this shoot. How does that comment on our use/abuse of oil and the environment? 

Whatever the consensus is the clothing used is breathtaking as well as the photos.. Do you think it was worth it?