So we’ve been having some styling questions from some of our faithful Lulus fans about how to wear leggings. And for good reason! These fabulous bottoms are a great accessory that have been becoming more and more popular – but they’re missing a how-to-wear guide! 

I asked around to get ideas on how some of the Lulus girls wear their leggings and came up with our own instructions. Below are some suggestions we’ve come up with for your legging-wearing pleasure!

Check out these great ideas!

As you can see above, there are quite a few different kinds of leggings:  cozy, casual, print, sparkle, lace, and jeggings. And I’m sure there are even more out there, as well! The great thing about leggings is that their slim style really enables you to play with different tops and shoes and really create your own style.

One of my favorite things to wear with leggings is a big, comfy sweater. This looks is as casual as sweats but looks waayyy more fashionable.

Another option for when you need to look a little more office or work appropriate is dresses. Short dresses become instantly chic when paired with a pair of proper leggings.

You can also try a longer tunic-style top for a more flirty vibe when you’re going out with friends:

Or, if you’re a bit more daring (and have a pair of really warm leggings!), you can try wearing them with mini skirts or shorts:

As for shoes, you can pretty much wear any kind with leggings – they’re so forgiving. Boots are my personal favorite because they balance out my frame, but I also like them with ballet slippers and heels when I want to look dressed up:

Hopefully some of these ideas will help! Just remember that when you’re wearing print leggings to stick with a more neutral, less busy top; one or two prints is okay, but a ton of clashing colors can look tacky. Also, when you’re wearing solid color leggings, feel free to add lots of color on top!

Most importantly, make this style your own and have fun!

How will you be wearing your leggings?