When I buy a piece of clothing, I like it to work for me. A well made garment goes a long way. This year Lulus has added more than a few new brands, and Tulle is easily one of my new favorites!
Believe me ladies, I get to handle these fantastic garments, and the craftsmanship is off the hook. I also bought the silk and cotton blend “Well Spotted” dress and I absolutely love it. I like that it’s made from fine natural fibers, and the cut is flattering to the figure. I mean, what else can you really ask for. . .it even has pockets?!
Check out some of these cute looks from Tulle:
We have been getting so many fantastic new pieces by Tulle lately that I felt I should share.
I love the new Girl On the Moon Sweater, and these lacy legwarmers.
Cute autumn dresses.
Gorgeous coats that will get you through more than one winter.