I have just received the ultimate anatomy lesson in the form of Riccardo Tisci’s latest Couture Fall 2010 line for Givenchy. Intricacy is an understatement when describing the detail and texture of these pieces.<!–

According to Tim Blank on Style.com Tisci was inspired by “Frida Kahlo and her three obsessions: religion, sensuality, and, given the painter’s lifelong battle with spinal pain, the human anatomy.” These obsessions were translated by Tisci into Chantilly lace and appliquéd leather encasements of the human body.

Not only was the material of the garments themselves manipulated into forms resembling bones but all the hardware was also made into the shapes of bones. While one dress took a mere 1,600 hours of labor another dress took six months to create!

I’ve been waiting for a fashion exhibit or show to reveal the backs of the garments and my wish has finally come true. The pieces for this collection were inintimate and important enough that Tisci set up parlors for each dress to be showcased. 

“In obsession is born the cult of couture.” -Tim Blanks

There was also a portrait (see above) hung of models in the garments that you could walk around and see the back of as well.