The nineties are back in a big way, but I’d forgotten just how much the decade of my youth had to offer until my fellow blogger sent me the link to Jeremy Scott’s Fall 2012 RTW runway show. Oh-my-Lisa Frank! Mr. Scott brought back the nineties like a psychedelic time warp straight to the second grade, but for grown-ups. We’re talkin’ Lisa Frank, Bart Simpson, emoticons, smiley faces, bubble font, peace flowers, peace signs! (It took a lot of self control to not type all of that in bold, all caps, and followed by ten thousand exclamation marks). Ah, every look is like the turn of a long lost yearbook page, just a million times more awesome.
I ruined a lot of furniture with Lisa Frank stickers, but yeah, a corset covered in them? How did I not think of this before!
The smiley face tee. Didn’t we all have one? Computer keyboard pants? I wish…

You can just barely make out the hippie dippy flowers on this amazing metallic rainbow dreamcoat… I mean trench. And, um, holographic pink overalls? Yesterday, today, tomorrow, always. And yeah, there’s a rainbow peace sign tee under all that.
So, boo ya! Jeremy Scott. That was, like, all that and a bag of chips.
(Images courtesy of and Incredible Things)