Earlier this week, we peeked at Vivienne Westwood’s new Palladium line of jewelry, but the real show came out earlier this month with the release of her Gold Label Fall/Winter 2011/12 collection at Paris Fashion Week!
With metallic gilding and gold sparkles galore, these half tribal, half fairytale fashions are gorgeously out of this world. Personally I love the bold ashy make-up that is brushed and smudged to invoke a sense of the tribal. It gives a daringly fierce look that calls to mind a band of woman warriors.
I sense a strong Celtic influence here, with boiling red hair, knotty side braids that frame the face and cape-like jackets that spring from another time and place. Medieval bodices and gowns add a light whimsy to some of the darker elements, but the collection as a whole is fresh and contemporary.
Glittered boots match the gold-glittered runway giving the model a sort of unearthly lift.
Savage yet sophisticated.
With a black army helmet and distressed skinny pants, this ensemble definitely pushes the modern side of the collection. 

Check out that gorgeous wedding dress for the untamed bride and Ms. Vivienne looking very whimsical herself! (Added bonus: the model on the right is smiling; a rare model moment!)
What do you think of the drifting black make-up?
Fierce and fashionable, or just a smoky hot mess?