The Kristin Knauff Report will be our new and ongoing (so keep checking back) way to stay on the up with the trends originating in L.A. Basically, this means that Kristin Knauff is our new IT GIRL and will be giving us juicy style updates as often as she sees fit!

This time around, it looks like the felines are creeping back into the night scene and are ready to pounce! Cat eye makeup is making a comeback, and in a pretty awesome way.

Not only is cat-inspired makeup IN, but pretty and purrrfect prints are making there way into the clubs as well. Check out these pictures that Kristin sent me!

FYI, I have attached some feline-friendly pieces that you could work into a night out with your cat eye makeup and killer high heels or boots: The Opportunity Top [sold out!], Born To Roar Top [sold out!] by Collective Concepts, and the Eye Of The Tiger Dress [sold out!].