Tis the season of The Holiday Party and shopping for the perfect outfit can be the best or worst few weeks of my life. Just so you guys know, I was born on Christmas (yes, it’s really cool but it sucks at the same time). So holiday dress shopping for me doubles up, as do other things, on this time of year. I need to have birthday and holiday ensembles. Sigh.
But to make it less stressful for you gals out there I decided to put together a little Holiday Dress Guide. You know, just to point you in the right direction of some goodies here at Lulus and to open your eyes to new options. Let’s get started.  
Sequins. They’re everywhere, and for good reason. They are the key to looking fabulous pretty much anywhere and they are the “it” item for this winter. The best thing is you can get them in so many different styles. Want to be edgy and sexy? No problem. Soft and sweet? Got you covered. Just want to look bangin’ and bedazzled? Done. Love one of the dresses above (or any in this article)? Just click the image of the dress you like and it will take you right to it!
These are for those of you who aren’t necessarily thrilled by the regular party dress. You’re funky and you know it. Walk like an Egyptian with a 70s/Cleopatra inspired dress. Be bold with a bright romper. Add a touch of class with a lace dress in jewel tone. Show ’em how it’s done with a little funk.
Let me tell you a secret: black and gold are my go-to for holiday party color combos, especially because I like things on the edgy side. So I gave you a sampling of choice looks that have a little bite. The sequin black jumpsuit paired with gold heels is prefect for that devil-may-care-but-I-still-want-to-look-fabulous attitude. Show off your best assets with a cutout bodycon number. My fav? The comfy cool vibe of pairing sequin tap shorts with a velvet top and bold patterned tights. 
Who says you need to wear a dress for a party? Well, not us. Go get your menswear on with a white smoking jacket, a cute, shiny top and leather pants. Dress up a cute graphic tee with a sequin mini and a fuzzy cardi. Or just get archtectual with a bold skirt and a blouse with shoulder details. 
Mmm shoes. So beautiful. My three simple picks for holiday shoe wear: sequins, bright colors and a dash of seventies style. That’s all you need. Now if you’ll excuse me, all this talk of clothes is making me want to get holiday shop on.