With jewelry being as important to me as the clothing I choose to wear, I get so excited when a truly awesome jewelry collection sets the bar high for other designers to live up to. New York based designer, Pamela Love, creates pieces rich in spirit that seem to tell a story of another time.

With pieces that seem to be insipired by both futuristic cities and by imagery of the occult, Love’s line is pure visual storytelling. The enigmatic nature of this collection captures your attention and allows you to imagine the magical place from which these items originated. Whether they conjure up the Southwestern desert or the waters of Atlantis, the light of heaven or the darkness of hell, the end result is pure genius. Now one of the most covetable jewelry lines out there, Love’s work is being rightly celebrated.

With chunks of crystals and armloads of brass, these linear bangles and earrings are some of my favorite pieces. Almost like a favorite talisman from a roadside bazaar, these high end versions of timeless classics exercise a remarkable and powerful influence over me and evoke a deep sense of magic.

The designer, seen above, has a special understanding of the symbols of life and death and had managed to create jewelry that seem to respect those two states of the human condition. Both beautiful and macabre, this collection will stick with you long after you view its array of captivating pieces.                                                                                                                                                                          
Top 4 photos from GalaDarlingPhoto of the artist from Harper’s Bazaar.