For the girl with passion in her heart and a wardrobe so hot it sparks fire, red is definitely her color of choice.

I, personally, love a touch of red from time to time. This passion stirring shade never fails to be an attention getter, whether it’s worn as a lipstick, a statement belt or on your feet (which is especially fun).

That’s why I was head over heels (literally) for our newest footwear phenomena: the Mixx Tokyo 01 Red Kid Suede Studded Pradaesque Heel [sold out!]. This baby practically jumps right off the page with its ruby red faux suede exterior that is perfectly complemented by a rockin’ high heel and Prada-inspired studs for a little extra dazzle.

For all of you ladies who begged their parents for a pair of Dorothy’s ruby red slippers when you were little, these are your perfect, grown up girl version.

This heel will also work wonders for all those holiday parties. I can’t think of a better way to sip egg nog than to gather compliments about your festive footwear.

“Just call me Miss Clause,”  you can say with a wink.