I have been watching Style.com for new videos and fashion show updates… So far there have been some kinda crazy shows and some that I find quite amusing.

I would check out Alexander Wang and Rodarte for starts. Thakoon is one that I found the video interview with the designer a little more interesting than the actual show. However, I was not thoroughly disappointed and found that Thakoon launches a line for the romantic visionary this season.

This woman is traveling abroad without even getting on the plane. The prints were bright florals, that sometimes do, as he says in this video, have a chintzy Americana sportswear feel.

However, Thakoon’s floral prints were anything but. Printed on diaphanous chiffon that gave life to the life printed on them. Thakoon capitalized on the more blunt trend this season of black/white graphic print and used an off white with his black to tie it into the other dresses.

Overall, visually the color story was all about the power of two: black white, pink white, green white, etc. Dresses were gathered and pleated and there was an interesting play with structure and unstructured.