Color blocking is one of the hottest trends this summer for its limitless possibilities and use of beautiful colors. This trend combines two or more colors worn side by side. Color blocking gives you the opportunity to pair colors together you normally wouldn’t and lets you try something new and exciting. The trend has also been said to make women appear slimmer by visually elongating their bodies. Sign me up!

How to Pull Off this Trend
1. If you want your colors to pop efficiently, choose both a bright and a muted tone. For example, you could use hot pink with yellow, and white. (The color white is always a great way to add bold definition to any color).
 2. Pick colors based on your body type. If you have a pear-shaped body, wear darker colors on your bottom half. This can create a lovely slimming effect! If you have a tummy, avoid horizontal stripes around your mid-section. If you have an hourglass-shaped figure, wear your color blocks around your torso to accentuate your lovely curves.

 3. Don’t be shy!! People might be scared to pair certain colors together, but this trend actually demands unlike colors to be paired along side of each other. This is the time to experiment, so go buck wild!
 4. Do not combine beyond four colors. Otherwise, your outfit will be disorienting to the eye and could look like a mis-matched mess.
Princess Diana will always be known as an ultimate style icon. Even the Princess saw this trend coming!

Blogger Taylor Sterling, from sterlingstyle, looks adorable sporting her cute color-clocked outfit!
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What do you think of this colorful trend for summer?