This summer, I’m hoping to add a little retro flair to my warm-weather wardrobe. Retro to me means a high waist, whether it be skirts, pants or shorts. Don’t be frightened into thinking that a high waist = mom jeans. When worn correctly, a high waistline will cinch in your middle while creating an overall flattering and feminine

silhouette. That’s why I was thrilled to see our Short Shorts from Cheap Monday come in last week. With a high belted waist, these dark denim shorts are just ready to be styled up with a pair of cute flats and button up top (not to mention hair tied up with a handkerchief and bright red lipstick).

For styling inspiration, I love how Kiera Knightly has paired a simple collared blouse with her high waist plaid bottoms.

A leggy Audrey Hepburn keeps the look chic with little heels and a plaid shirt.

Zooey Deschanel’s outfit goes all out retro with double breasted sailor shorts. The tights are a nice touch in that they make the look wearable for the cool months of spring.