During a semester spent abroad in London, I fell in love — actually fell in love — with the city itself.

Our relationship was not always a perfect one: icy weather, crowded Tube stations, and a lousy exchange rate. And yet, my time spent there was among the most enjoyable months of my life: special sunny days spent reading in Regent’s Park, the exciting night life, the awe of finding a new neighborhood with beautiful historic buildings…and of course the fashion.

The men and women in this city know how to dress. The men look their best on a daily basis, sporting suits, ties, sweater vests and even cuff links, and the women are always ever so chic in their trench coats, blazers, boots, heels and stylish accessories.

With the fast paced lifestyle and weather challenges that face your everyday Londoner, one may wonder how they pull it off.

Well, now you can steal some of their secrets on UK Elle‘s very own website. In their Street Style section, you can view the wardrobe choices of many Londoners during fashion week in the city and also from fashionistas around the world.

I love getting tips on how to work different style trends, from the Dog Tooth trend pictured above to Blazers and Monochrome. It’s a great site to visit whenever you need a little worldly style inspiration.